Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Letter to the Future You

Sometimes we wish we could have a conversation with ourselves once in a while.  A talk, heart-to-heart, where we could be completely and brutally honest - where we could talk about our deepest struggles, pains, longings, sings, and more.  That would be great, wouldn't it?

Last year, at a Family Bible Camp at Camp Yolijwa in PA, our Senior High leader had us write a letter to ourselves.  He collected them, each completely sealed, and then mailed them back to us a few months later for us to reflect upon our own words.

This experience had an incredible impact.  It was the first chance I had ever been given to have a true conversation with myself, and every time I read the letter, I am humbled over and over again.  This is a more generalized version of my letter (the original is quite specific and personal), but I hope that you could be blessed by it - and maybe inspired to write one of these yourself.
"Dear Nathan,
Many times you might not take the time to think of where God has brought from.  The struggles you had years ago may not be the same ones you have now.  Take the time today to think of just how far Christ has brought you - and how insignificant you still are compared to all that He did.   
You don't struggle with the same vices that you did before, but I know that there are deeper things that lie within you that tear you apart even more.  Be honest with yourself.  You've compromised your morals, tried to "fit in" and "measure up", you've had sinful thoughts and a bad attitude with your parents, and most of all a deeply rooted pride.  
Don't think that just because you know more than others, don't do everything they do, and do extra good things that they don't, that you somehow don't need God as much as others.  You need Him just as much as they do - and even more.
 I know that you have plans for your future - going to Bible college, finding the woman whom you will marry, and eventually starting a family of your own.  But don't forget that before you can do any of these things, you must first love God with all of your heart and continue growing ever closer to Him.   
You're already reading scripture daily - great!  But don't let it end there.  Don't read it just to get it over with and checked off a list.  Ask God and beg Him to show you things that you've never seen before.  Plead daily that God will mold your heart to be closer to His and to make you broken before Him, to have a heart yearning for others to know Him better, and to think of yourself less - but God more.  
Don't let your feelings for one girl obstruct your desire for the perfect wife.  Feelings pass away - you're seen it before.  Just watch others' actions and their heart before thinking any more of them.  Be patient and trust in Christ for Him to find the right one.  
Stay strong in the Lord and keep growing closer to Him in all you do.
His blessings,