Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Make Me a Servant

Photo from deviantarts.com

     This isn't exactly a typical post of mine, but I just wanted to share some lyrics.  Our Friday night Bible study sang this song last week, and now I can't stop singing it!  The words are really powerful and the melody is equally meditative.  I know I desperately need God to make me His humble servant, content in simply doing His will.

Make me a servant, Just like your Son
For He was the servant; Please make me one

Make me a servant, Do what You must do
To make me a servant, Make me like You.

Make me a servant, Take all my pride
For I would be lowly, Humble inside;
Giving to others With all that I do
In love for my brother; Make me like You

Make me a servant, Filled by Your might
And may all my labors shine with your light
Show me Your footsteps and what I should do;
For now and forever, Make me like You.