Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Most Important Word in History

     A baby in Bethlehem.  Angels singing praise.  Shepherds eager to spread the good news.  There's something so tranquil about this moment.  Something so... joyful.  The epitome of perfection was made flesh.  The Son of the Most High God was dwelling among men.  Our very salvation was resting in the arms of a human being!  The mere thought of it is baffling.

     But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

     We often think of this as the beginning, where it all started.  But did it really begin here?  Let's back up for a minute.  Before the manger, before the shepherds, before Mary, there sits on the throne in heaven an infinite God.

     Looking over His creation, the Father sees the sin that corrupts the hearts of humanity.  Why do they constantly turn their backs?  Yet in spite of this, the Almighty knows what has to be done.

     Speaking to His one and only Son, God says, "Do you see those people down there?  My people?  I want you to go to them.  And although they will reject you, mock you, and even torture you, I want you to live among them and teach them.  And, Son, I want you to lay down your life for them.  Will you go?"

     In this moment - this answer - rests our hope.  On it rests the lives of a girl named Mary and a man named Joseph.  On it rests the lives of every human in the history and future of the planet.  It is as if the entire universe holds its breath as the answer comes from the Savior's mouth:


     Yes!  What obedience!  What love!  That the Son of Man would be willing to live among and die for us, sinners, is unthinkable!  Who could possibly have such a willingness as to give their very life that others might have salvation?

     Yet we today are asked a similar question.  Will we commit our lives to serve the Holy One, no matter what the cost, no matter what we feel?  Do we have the obedience and love to be fools for Christ that others would come to know Him?  Will we be the Isaiah's of our generation and say "Here am I, Lord! Send me!" in a world of darkness?

     The Maker of Heaven and earth is awaiting your answer.  Will your answer be yes?