Saturday, December 29, 2012

Do Something Great

     It's the dawn of a new year!  Just a matter of days from now we'll each be trying to break the habit of writing "2012" on everything and getting back into our normal schedules.  Some of us will have "resolutions" that may or may not necessarily work out.  They might not work out if we try to completely reshape our lives cold-turkey or shoot for an impossible goal and try to do it by our own power.  

    Last year, around this time, a "challenge," so to speak, was put on my Youth Group's blog.  The challenge was to read the entire Bible that year.  Being that I had already begun to read some of the books of the Bible earlier, I accepted, hoping to finish the 52 books that I hadn't previously read.  About one month ago I managed to finish the books, having now read the entire Bible.  However, I found throughout that year that simply reading scripture wasn't enough.  I found that devotion and study on top of reading helped me to apply the scripture that I was reading and let it sink deeper.  Reading God's Word simply for the sake of accomplishing a goal is not as effective as reading it to grow closer to Him.  

     So that is what I would like to "challenge" to you.  You don't have to read the entire Bible, you don't have to try to make yourself perfect; just accomplish something worth doing.  Do something that really matters this year.  That way, years from now, you can look back at 2013 and know that it was the year you did something great.